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I just wanted someone to say WOT happened last week I had to tubezaur do a delivery van of the company.. My boss has asked me to get real-time early next morning by five o'clock for shipment in the west... I went to work the next day and saw one of the boys was at the door tubezaur one, he thanked her shit m8 have said here 20 minutes, the boss, I'll help u shud already been discharged, so you can load on our way m8 come to expect... His name is Gerry Brian I have mine looking slim fit 33 complaints currently received an e- tight jeans that show, my cock very well, the above 9 is full 5ins its hard to bear... To those who rose up in reading I said on our way m8 that said, I just want to take tubezaur a urine m8, before giving me a good Gerry said it was OK I need a bar, so you can tubezaur get to it and .. Moore went to the camp has a self undid my jeans and a urinary said caught my dick in a pee Gerry is about 19 a shameless son of a bitch that was in the next, but a fool and has the cock of a STARTS Oh piss m8 told me that I needed the dropper away shaking my pussy dick yu m8 told me I have big fucking thick it is not already. I looked at said yes m8 its always tubezaur ready for some action. He laughed an said I bet it's so big before m8.. He got the bastard and I see that he had bolus cock tubezaur and squeezed the drops out of it.. I saw no one who had a clear vision of big tubezaur cock my cock I was always a lazy balloon is not never been in boys, but Gerry was a handsome guy I did a search on my crotch a few times as we have worked together for a purpose I put on my jeans and pull it a few times, he said if I had known the asshole that was great m8 I felt before now.. any time m8 told me that these assholes always ready for fun.. I was just kidding. But he sorta looked at me then my cock and told me I would have liked m8, however, a feeling that over time.. I laughed and pushed his cock back in myJeans and began to button up.. Still looking, so I pushed my cock to ensure that it became a co- tower told him anytime he wants to play with u m8 just got to be in possession of a narrowing of the bitch.. M8 told me that we were improving, we need long journey.. Who divorces his cock and went to a truck got into.... After about half an hour, which were on the road, stretched his legs in the front passenger seat, which is right next to me and I looked over an saw him stroking his cock in their tight pants.. Sorry m8, he said, always makes me hard in the early morning.. He told me not to worry, we're not friends, we are dedicated to u m8.. that said, one that saw him put his hand on his penis a bolus I see Ficker effort against his tight jeans.. I started a drive for me too I love my load cum anytime anywhere.. I saw one of them said, why Doncha sit a little closer to sure m8 yu said of course I'm as close as u want m8 Gerry was placed on a Saturdayright tubezaur next to me as he in his right knee was very close to my leg I have to go so there is no automatic gearbox.. I told u one hot bastard Gerry seems to be like me, smiled, said yes m8 a hot alwys always ready to finish. that will be the way he said I said I was thinking about a great tool for tough year in Brian I have to.. I said no its fine u pro who told me that yes, looks and gambling m8 year with me, had a semi hard... Gerry said he was fine when I saw a fucking idea how wud love m8 in the swamps are great to have a feel... I said go ahead, no matter if I wanted tubezaur the young man I've been playing with the tail a few times by guys masturbating cum I always felt I was soon passed on to Gerry and lifted my leg to caress my crotch I said that's all a year of work m8 hand on my leg and get the bastards very difficult one.. his hand was almost on my way I thought stroke my cock, which was always hard to start now.. Jeeeze told it was a great fucking cock meaten.. yes, I said a good son of a bitch has a hard m8 yu.. Sorry, he said, can yu somewhere I want the bastard, so I can pull out yu.. My cock was really hard I know that a truck stop just before the mani road.... we got there until prked van or truck is not in others, so off and leaned back in my seat was occupied Gerry 's hand on my dick down my leg and then lift it so strained against my jeans.. shit said m8 's so damn big bastards I leave the legs stretched in front of me, so my cock against my efforts to do woteva pants m8 if yu yu get the bastard Gotta Make It.. and semen for began, the buttons on my jeans open a solved all that he opened my belt open my jeans.. He raised a hand inside tubezaur grabbed my hard cock and began to pull it out of my pants... Damn m8 said this is a fucking monster cock, so it's going to take her andor off. She handed me so my cock was a tower tubezaur to take him, and he began rubbing his hand makes wave throb in my hand.. He said he wanted alwys Alongside this, I can see your cock stick a couple of times a feeling that I always like to think of it, as this is a way and yu cum masturbate in my hand.. m8 go to work there told me one of the glasses make you run to.. if u go into the glove compartment theres a bit of baby oil rubbed yu yu can throw me Nice during his slippery out.. That has had the baby oil and rubbed it in his hand grabbed my cock and worked a tight baby oil over my cock felt so good to this handsome young man was playing with my cock I was hot he was sliding his hand on my cock was completely covering my cock baby oil, one is as good as he makes a move of his hand on my cock rubbing with a thumb button on my end of beat my dick.. m8 that's all I said come to work the bastard will do for youNice one quick straw so strong a grip as it was.. That his hand was moving faster faster one on my tail, said how well he took tubezaur my cock felt like it took a very work, listening to a hand rubbing ein watch his cock for me... I grabbed the straw goat closing said moved faster up and down the length of my cock faster as fast as I cud feel my balls closer you knew he was going to run... I shot and the shot of semen on the windshield, dashboard launches held his cock as hard as he cud... fuck m8 said it was so good seeing straw OFF yu a run and it was good to me m8 told me, I tubezaur love Cumming specifically for a m8 like u.. Let me do the same for u m8 go ahead
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